How does Trustiics work?

Solve international legal problems in 3 simple steps


Step 1

You choose the legal service you need

Based on your legal need and scenario, select a specific legal service you are looking for in your chosen country/province.

Provide payment information as security and book the service right away.


Step 2

We assign the work to the most suitable lawyer

We find a qualified legal professional within our pre-vetted pool and selects the candidate with the most convenient and relevant experience for your job.

You have access to direct messages with the chosen lawyer.


Step 3

Lawyer delivers your job

You receive email notification that the work product is complete and accessible via your private dashboard – feel free to download or leave it in your Trustiics personal dashboard, secure on AWS cloud.

You will be charged after the job is delivered.

The lawyer may remind you of other relevant issues you may need to consider.


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