Company Verification and Risk Analysis

72-hour Legal Due Diligence

$1290 USD

What is this?
After submitting your request, an experienced English-speaking lawyer in China will conduct a Company Verification service on the Chinese company you requested. This service includes verifying the company’s due existence, good standing, credibility, shareholders, and management team.
The lawyer will also identify legal risks if they exist and provide you with a color coded risk analysis report containing:

  • Key facts of the target company

  • Analysis of legal risks that he/she identified; and

  • Check

    Suggestions for further actions

Key Benefits
The report provides you with an overall understanding of who you are dealing with. You will be able to make informed decisions and meet your internal compliance requirements.
Value and Benefits

  • High-quality and reliable: service provided by vetted English-speaking lawyers with solid experience

  • Fast and efficient: legal due diligence and risk review is completed in China in 3 business days – the most efficient way to conduct an international compliance check

  • Convenient and worry-free: you don’t need to worry about making an international wiring payment. You don’t pay until the lawyer delivers the report

  • Transparent and affordable: the price for this service by top-tiered lawyers in China is transparent and competitive.  Pay-as-you-use, and there is no subscription fee or retainer fee

  • Secure: all the data and information are transported on the secured Cloud operated by Amazon Web Service in North America

  • Private and direct: one-on-one communication and messaging available with the lawyer through your private dashboard and all your documents will always be on AWS accessible from anywhere in the world

Typical Use Scenarios
To protect your company’s business interests as well as for your internal compliance reasons, you should always know who you are dealing with and understand the most updated status of a potential business partner, a potential corporate client or a potential dispute counterparty. It is highly recommended to conduct at least a quick company verification and legal risk review before:

  • Providing loan to or making investment in a Chinese company

  • Signing a new supply contract with a Chinese manufacturer

  • Providing a down payment for components or products

  • Purchasing from Chinese companies listed on e-commerce sites

  • Partnering with a local agent, distributor, or wholesaler

  • Licensing or sharing intellectual property, trademarks, patents, prototypes, designs

  • Engaging in a new relationship with a strategic partner or investor, or

  • Planning to send a demand letter or filing a lawsuit against a China-based company

Details included in this report

  • Facts finding, including more than 12 most important items of a named target company, such as:

  • Registered legal name and legal address – to confirm the right entity in your contract or lawsuit if things went wrong

  • Good standing – to confirm its due incorporation and valid existence

  • Credibility – to confirm if the target has not filed for bankruptcy or flagged as “lack of credibility”

  • CEO/General Manager – to confirm who has the right to sign on behalf of a company

  • Shareholders and their capital contribution

  • Scope of Business – to confirm their government registered business scope

  • Risk identification and assessment of level of risks’ seriousness based on the lawyer’s experience

  • Analysis and suggestions with respect to the identified risks

One of the following lawyers will provide the service after the request is placed.

Phil Wang Beijing, China

Phil has over 10 years of experience and advises international businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, large financial institutions, private equity funds as well as fast-growing SMEs on their China-related legal issues.

Sylvia Zhang 2
Sylvia Zhang Beijing, China

Sylvia has over 15 years of experience and has advised many international companies in their China-related investments, transactions, compliance and regulatory challenges and daily operational legal issues under Chinese law.

Trustiics Female Laywer
Jenny Sun Shanghai, China

Jenny has over 14 years of experience as a lawyer in China specializing in international trade, foreign investment and cross-border commercial litigation and arbitration. She has rich experience in drafting and/or reviewing international commercial contracts, due diligence, and dispute resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to conduct legal due diligence?

Legal due diligence is always important to protect your business interests as well as for your internal compliance reasons. Before signing a business contract, initiating a lawsuit, making an investment to a company or lending money to a business client, you should conduct legal verification of the target company or the counterparty.

Why should I have a lawyer to conduct company verification, or can I simply have an agent collect some information from the company filing system?

Our vetted lawyers will obtain information of a named target company not only from Chinese company registries, but from multiple sources, such as confirming the bankruptcy status and record of default under judicial judgments in the Chinese courts system, which is not available for non-lawyer agents. In addition to the factual findings, our vetted lawyers will provide legal risk analysis and recommendations based on their professional experience.

What information should I provide to the lawyer when booking this service?

You only need to provide the accurate legal name of the target company on which you need due diligence. It is helpful if you also provide the target company’s city and province, if known.

Do I still need due diligence after I’ve already started business with my Chinese business counterparty?

If you have a long-term business relationship with a Chinese company and your business or financial success relies upon that relationship, it is recommended to check out your business partner’s most recent status on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. This is especially important if there is any sign indicating your business partner might delay a payment or debt repayment, or there is any negative news about it or its controlling shareholders. We provide such follow-on company watch service. Please contact our customer support at support@trustiics.com if there is a need or if you are not sure whether such a service is needed.

What if the lawyer identifies some serious risk but I don’t know what to do with such findings?

You can either contact us at support@trustiics.com or message the lawyer who helped you with the due diligence.

What’s included
delivery Delivery in 3 business days
  • Company risk identification and analysis by experienced lawyers

  • Direct message with the lawyer during service

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